Limb Bender Outdoors

About Us

Hello!  My name is David Stephens.  I live in New Mexico and I am a mechanic in the Air Force.  I have been doing creative things since I can remember and have recently taken to creating custom knives.  Although I have been doing it a short time, I feel I offer a unique style.  I do all my own work, from stock removal, to heat treating, to creating quality handles from numerous materials.  I do my own leather work and I am alway studying/learning new things about the process.

 I also make bow presses.  Thanks to a kind individual who allowed me to use and make them from his design, I have created an affordable way for people to perform work on their own archery equipment.

 Lastly, my wife and I create unique gifts from wood with the use of a scroll saw.  We have multiple designs to choose from and we alway enjoy a new challenge.

Thanks for checking us out and I hope to call you a valued customer soon!


David E. Stephens III